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2006-09-03 - People theme page
2006-08-20 - Toolbar theme page
2006-08-10 - Google toolbar settings and functions
2006-08-09 - Web browser toolbars
2006-08-07 - Comparison between browsers


* Learn how to search smarter

Ever done a search where you didn't find what you were looking for? In this article you'll learn how to search smarter and as a result only get the most relevant search results.
* Comparison between search engines

Which search engine is the best one? Here's a comparison between the three most popular search engines. With this information you should be able to find a search engine that suits your needs.
* Comparison between browsers

What web browser is the best one for you? Here we'll compare the four most popular browsers for Windows. If you don't know anything about web browsers we really recommend you to read this as there are many new exiting web browsers out there that are free to use
* Web browser toolbars

In this article we'll compare the toolbars from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. All three toolbars are for searching but they all offers a lot of extra features. Read it to see if anyone suits your needs.
* Google toolbar settings and functions

This article describes the functions of Google toolbar. There are also instructions about installing, uninstalling, signing up for a Google account and a reference over the available settings to the toolbar.